Outsource: He That Is Spiritual Judgeth All Things

KJV Bible Truth has added several good devotions recently. This is one I believe will be helpful to my friends. This way I can appear more ‘open-minded’ by giving an ‘international perspective.’


Here’s an excerpt:

1 Corinthians 2:15 “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.”

2 Kings 2:7

This verse is a reason why, particularly if you’re a Christian, that you need to check whether what you believe and hold as true is based on the Bible, the wisdom of God, or based on human philosophy, the wisdom of man.

The word “philosophy” means “the love of wisdom”. Man does love his own wisdom, just speak to anyone about basically anything, and you’ll soon be getting their philosophy. Because everyone lives according to some sort of personal philosophy that underpins, rationalizes and justifies what they think, say and do.

But there’s a big difference between philosophy and God’s word. And the Bible specifically warns against being spoiled by philosophy. Because, knowingly or not, often our personal truths are rooted in philosophy, not in the Bible, perhaps like your beliefs about “judging” which may well be challenged by the verse quoted here.

Just look at this statement in the Bible! It flies directly in the face of a lot of human philosophy that is doing the rounds not just in our society, but also in many churches today.

In 2023, it has somehow become “spiritual” to not judge anything. “Not judging” has become a highest virtue that someone can have, a character marker a of good, loving, caring and even “godly” person, and a quality that we can all pride and congratulate ourselves upon.

This is how many people think these days… but that’s the mind of human wisdom, philosophy, speaking. But now compare it to the mind of Christ, God’s wisdom found in God’s word.

Here, the Bible teaches that true spirituality IS the ability to judge, and to “judge righteous judgment” as Jesus Christ commanded us to.

If you don’t judge and that righteously, that is proof you have no spirituality, not that you are spiritual.

If we are honest, we all do judge, all the time too… so the real issue really is, how are we judging… by what standard are we making our judgments?

Most people make judgments based on their philosophy. But the Christian is commanded to make judgments based on what God’s word says, because “the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether.”

The fact is, you cannot make righteous judgments without God’s word. God’s word is a spiritual book, and is the basis for all spirituality and wisdom.

The more our society departs from God’s word, the worse the judgments are people that people are making. Like for instance that people can’t even judge between male and female and basic issues of morality and right and wrong anymore.

The problem with man’s wisdom and human philosophy, no matter what it is, is that it is not a just, righteous or true foundation or standard from which to make judgments… that’s why the Bible says don’t do it.

And all human philosophy ultimately leads to hell. That’s where your wisdom and intellect will take you, no matter how convinced you are otherwise. And there is no greater example of poor judgment than the person who spurns the gospel that would save their soul.

But in summing up, if you do have true spirituality, which starts with spiritual life received at salvation, judging all things according to the wisdom of God’s word is actually a vital part of your daily life, and it’s to your shame, not your glory, if you cannot do that rightly.

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Disclaimer: Recommending this article does not imply an agreement with all the content, information, or advice on KJVBibleTruth.com. Please “chew the meat and spit out the bones.”

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