Paul said to Timothy, “Til I come, give attendance to reading…” (1 Timothy 4:13)

I’ve made a personal commitment to continue reading the Bible, and other wholesome books until the Lord’s return.

Consider this a personal challenge from me to you– keep learning TIL HE COMES!

Poems of Henry Wadsworth LongfellowSelected, FullerLiterature
Precious Remedies Against Satan’s DevicesBrooksSpiritual Warfare
The Haunted History of RomeDavisChurch History
When Books Went to WarManningWar History
Ripped From The HeadlinesRainy Day WritersShort Stories
Sodom Had No BibleRavenhillDevotional
The Word is Worth a Thousand PicturesReynoldsMedia Ecology
The Hero of the EmpireMillardHistory
Christian NationalismTorba/IskerPolitics
The Destiny of the RepublicMillardHistory
One Year Book of PoetryComfort/PartnerLiterature
Sergeant York: Last of the Long Hunters SkeyhillHistory
The Dollar and the VaticanManhattanHistory
In The Kingdom of IceSidesHistory
Drawing on the Right Side of the BrainEdwardsArt
Elements of Godly Character Vol. 1CorleMotivation
Things They Cannot SaySites
Live CoalsTalmageBible
On Desperate GroundSidesWar History
When A Nation Forgets GodLutzer
The Spirit WorldLarkinBible Paranormal
81 Days Below ZeroMurphyHistory
The Saving Life of Christ/The Mystery of GodlinessThomas
How To Rear TeenagersHylesParenting
Salt: A World HistoryKurlanskyHistory
Why Johnny Can’t PreachGordonEducation
War LettersCarrollWar
Understanding Comics: The Invisible ArtMcCloudArt
To Train Up A ChildCorleParenting
The Insanity of GodRipkenWorld Missions
Meat For MenRavenhillMotivation
Press On!YeagerBiography
Exploring PhilippiansLloydBible
Satan’s DevicesCowgillPsychology
Pleasant PathsHavner
Rocket MenKursonHistory
The Technique CatastropheCreelTheology
The Letters & Lessons of
Theodore Roosevelt For His Sons
Eternity In Their HeartsRichardsonWorld Missions
In Search of a Help MeetPearlParenting
Jumping ShipPearlParenting
Near To The Heart Of GodMorganMusic
Peace ChildRichardsonWorld Missions
Life, Love, and LaughterRuckmanPsychology
My Life Without GodMurrayBiography
More Fight On! StoriesGippMotivation
Skeletons on the ZaharaKingHistory
Hey, Teacher!OkeEducation
Journey To The HimalayasBeaulacotteWorld Missions
Birthday of SoulsMcGinlay
Money Is A DefenseKrohnFinance
Biblical EconomicsAvanziniFinance
Fight On!Gipp
Heartbeats of the HolyKnauss
Embracing the UntouchablesTillmanWorld Missions
Passionate ParentingSchmidtParenting
The Cross and The SwitchbladeWilkerson
This Is Your ChapterTysonWriting
500 Selected Sermons Volume 20TalmageSermons
On Eagle’s WingsGorsuchWar History
The Prisoner in the Third CellGene Edwards
500 Selected Sermons Volume 19TalmageSermons
Can The Dead Communicate With The Living?Haldeman
Let’s RollBeamer
Living Among LionsBenham
Flight of the Gin FizzKizor
Stories I Love To TellEdwards
A Tale of Three KingsEdwards
Things I Have Not LearnedRuckman
Glorious IntruderEareckson-Tada
Beyond BeliefMiscavige-Hill/Pulitzer
Strange But TrueSlemen
Dead SeriousLeder
Full Moon Over Noah’s ArkAntonsonTravel
I Want…BurkesAddiction

  • The River of Doubt, 01-10-2020
  • Near Death On the High Sea, 09-30-19
  • Nautical Notes, Mund, 09-18-19
  • Battle Ready, Donald, 09-01-2019
  • In Harm’s Way, Stanton, 08-10-2019
  • The Spanish Armada, Williams, 08-04-2019
  • Cannibal Valley, Hitt, 07-19-2019
  • The Titanic’s Last Hero, Adams, 06-12-2019
  • The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters, 04-30-2019
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 17 & 18, 04-24-2019
  • In Awe of Thy Word, Riplinger, 04-24-2019
  • The Learning Habit, Donaldson-Pressman, 04-03-2019
  • The Royal Insignia, Harvey, 03-27-2019
  • Surviving Bataan and Beyond, Col. Irvin Alexander 03-14-2019
  • While They Slept, Harrison, 02-14-2019
  • Be The Hands And Feet, Nick Vujicic, 01-30-2019
  • Descent Into Darkness, Cmndr. Edward Raymer, 01-21-2019
  • Ghost Soldiers, 01-12-2019
  • Flyboys, James Bradley, 12-11-2018
  • What Shall This Man Do?, Watchman Nee, 11-22-2018
  • Thomas Jefferson And The Tripoli Pirates, Kilmeade and Yaeger, 10-28-2018
  • Valleys of Death, Col. Bill Richardson, 09-24-2018
  • I Am Third, Gale Sayers, 09-22-2018
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 15 & 16
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 14, 01-2018
  • In The Lion’s Mouth, Dusko Popov, 08-2018
  • Return of the Raider, Deshazer-Dixon/Goldstein 03-30-2018
  • Saved! Hoffer 03-13-2018
  • Henry and the Great Society, Rousch 03-02-2018
  • From Pearl Harbor to Calvary, Fuchida 02-28-2018
  • Living Proof, McClary/Barker 02-22-2018
  • The Life Of Horace Greely, Parton 02-20-2018
  • In The Heart Of The Sea, Halbrick 08-2017
  • Joni, Tada 04-2017
  • We Thought We Heard The Angels Sing, Whittaker 03-2017
  • Redeemed Unredeemable, 02-2017
  • Mover of Men and Mountains, LeTourneau, 10-25-15
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 13 9-12-15
  • The Reverend Spy, Denton 7-30-15
  • Twice Pardoned, Harold Morris 6-20-15
  • Are You There Alone, O’Malley 5-30-15
  • We Are Soldiers Still, Lt. Gen. Moore/Galloway 5-27-15
  • American Sniper, Chris Kyle 5-10-15
  • The Vatican Holocaust, Manhattan 3-11-15
  • Ingredients of a Successful Sunday School, Trieber 2-8-15
  • Pastors at Greater Risk, London/Wiseman 2-22-15
  • Successful Home Schooling- Fugate 1-24-15
  • Unbroken, Louie Zamperini 12-9-14
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 11, 12-10-14
  • Oliver Cromwell, T. Roosevelt 07-2014
  • How to Have Fulness of Power, R.A. Torrey 03-30-14
  • The Man, The Message, The Ministry- David Peacock 03-23-14
  • You Can Double Your Class In 2 Years Or Less- Josh Hunt 03-09-14
  • Happy, Happy, Happy- Phil Robertson 01-18-14
  • Not Good If Detached- Ten Boom 01-12-14
  • I Kissed Dating Goodbye- Harris 1-2-15
  • The Burden Bearer- Paul Chappell 12-29-13
  • The Life and Diary of David Brainerd
  • E.M. Bounds on Prayer
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 10
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 9
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 8
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 7
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 6
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 5
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 4
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 3
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 2
  • Talmage, 500 Selected Sermons Vol. 1
  • It Doesn’t Take A Hero, Swartzkoph
  • Discover Your Destiny, Schmidt
  • Tortured for Christ- Wurmbrand
  • Tortured for His Faith- Popov 12/29/13
  • Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs
  • Pilgrim’s Progress- Bunyan
  • Autobiography of Charles Alexander
  • Life’s Great Moments- White
  • The Hiding Place- Ten Boom
  • The Preacher and his Preaching- Gibbs
  • Music and Musicians- Ruckman
  • Black is Beautiful- Ruckman
  • The Mothman Prophecies- Keel
  • The Sure Word of Prophecy- Ruckman 10/2002
  • Quiet Talks on Prayer- Gordon
  • Confessions of A Master Jewel Thief, Bill Mason
  • Martyr of the Catacombs
  • The Exiled Prince- Hanford
  • The Fugitive King- Hanford
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe- CS Lewis
  • Prince Caspian- CS Lewis
  • Voyage the Dawn Treader- CS Lewis
  • The Silver Chair- CS Lewis
  • The Horse and his Boy- CS Lewis
  • The Magicians Nephew- CS Lewis
  • The Last Battle- CS Lewis
  • Done- Schmidt
  • The Last Call- Chick
  • The Next Step- Chick
  • I Can’t Wait For Sunday Morning, Dunlop
  • Marion and His Men, Francis Marion
  • Nevertheless I Live- Currington
  • Through Gates of Splendor- Elliot
  • Living With Pain- Gipp
  • God Makes No Mistakes- Trieber
  • The Fight For Light- Bob Murphy
  • Flying Aces of World War I- Gurney
  • Wings of the Morning- Morrison
  • Tales of a War Pilot-Richard Kirkland
  • All Quiet on the Western Front- Remarque
  • The Life Story of C.I. Scofield
  • The Art of Soul-Winning, Mahood
  • To Seek and To Save, Chappell
  • Biblical Youth Work, 09/23/2010
  • Let’s Go Soulwinning, Hyles
  • The Full Cup, Ruckman
  • Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Circuit-Riding Preacher, Ruckman
  • Pilot Jack Night, Anderson/Johnson
  • We, Lindbergh
  • God Is My Copilot- Col. Robert Scott
  • George Whitefield Supreme Among Preachers, Gledstone
  • P. P. Bliss Biography
  • Left Behind -Lahaye, Jenkins
  • Tribulation Force-Lahaye, Jenkins
  • Nicolae-Lahaye, Jenkins
  • Apollyon-Lahaye, Jenkins
  • Soul Harvest-Lahaye, Jenkins
  • The Flying Saucer Conspiracy- Keyhoe (1955)
  • The Sugar Creek Gang, Hutchens, 36 vols
  • Gods Missiles Over Cuba- Tom White
  • 13 Minutes over the Vatican- Eubanks
  • 23 Minutes in Hell- Bill Weise
  • Hell – Oliver B. Greene 06/2002
  • Romans – Oliver B. Greene 06/2002
  • Michael Faraday – Charles Ludwig 08/2002
  • Robinson Crusoe – Defoe 01/2003
  • The Truth About Rock Music – Hugh Pyle 10/2002
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