The Old Guard

It is the end of the day. The Old Guard resign their station, and the new guard marches forth. We pass. His eye is dim; his natural strength abates, yet as sight and strength dim, his faith and wisdom are perfected. I’ll never forget him.

He taught me so much, and still teaches. He continues to serve, warring a good warfare, but not like he used to do. Old soldiers never die, they just fade away, he used to say. And if he never puts on the harness again, he has fought a good fight.

 He is a foundation stone for many who keep rank in the King’s army today. When smitten and reviled, he, like his Saviour, would bring water out of the rock. He made the words of God sweeter than honey. He loves that old Book.

I listened to him finish the narration of the Book ad libitum this Sunday. His last words were almost prophetic. He recited the words the watchman at Herrnhut mission would sound out as the night hours passed. I salute the Old Guard today- praying God preserves his body, soul, and spirit until the day of Jesus Christ.

I. Past one o clock;
The day breaks out of darkness

Great Morning Star, appear and break our hardness.

II. Tis two; 

On Jesus wait this silent season
Ye two so near related, Will and Reason.

III. The clock is three;

The blessed three doth merit
The best of praise from body soul and spirit.

IV. Tis four o clock;

When three make supplication,
The Lord will be the fourth on that occasion.

V. Five is the clock! 

Five Virgins were discarded,
While five with wedding garments were rewarded.

VI. The clock is six, and I go off my station!
Now brethren, watch yourselves for your salvation!
Amen! Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Amen!

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