Outsource: You’re Not Burned Out, You’re Bored

https://www.artofmanliness.com/character/advice/sunday-firesides-youre-not-burned-out-youre-bored/ Brett McKay gives thought-provoking advice on manly character in short articles he calls, Sunday Firesides. Considering the new year, I highly recommend reading this one, called: You're Not Burned Out, You're Bored. It’s hard not to open a book or scan a news site without hearing about burnout. Workers are burned out. Parents are …

How Are You Wired?

Technology that severs the head from the heart is destructive. The Holy Spirit connects what we read in his word with what we think in our head, with what we believe in our heart. And what we believe in our heart determines where we spend eternity. How are you wired?