Live Coals: Home

The First Responsibility

“Let them learn first to shew piety at home,”

1 Timothy 5:4
This is a selection from the sermon series Live Coals: Coals for the Individual, published 1885.

Highlights from this week’s podcast:

  • Piety at home- a scriptural commendation
  • Faithfulness in an insignificant sphere
  • The definition of home by different persons
  • The contented home
  • The wretched home
  • Private character and public reputation
  • Home as a refuge
  • A political safeguard- the cornerstone of the republic
  • Home as a school
  • Home where children meet Jesus Christ

God pity the man or woman who do not have what is described today as: the home. The words from the past resound with Scriptural authority as Rev. Talmage eloquently urges for more holiness at home. Listen to his brief message for today’s Spiritual Reload

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