A Land Without A King

“In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” -Judges 21:25

If there was a book of the Bible that reminded me of going back to school, it would be the book of Judges. The Israelites are transitioning from a 400 year long slavery, to a 40 year long journey, to an ideally permanent residency in a God-chosen place. At first they had Pharaoh’s demands oppressing them, then they had Moses’ commands directing them, and now there was this brand new freedom for them to explore. The nation of Israel pushed their freedom, and God’s patience, to the limit with all sorts of wickedness.

From primary to intermediate to middle to high school, young men and women are being transitioned into the world as educated, independent citizens. Children are at the best age of their life to acquire all the skills they need to survive in a  supportive, protective atmosphere. Yet today, the words ‘public school’ have almost become synonymous with ‘war zone.’ 

In the book of Judges, much like any American school, you will find:

  • bullies,
  • cliques,
  • drugs,
  • racism,
  • boyfriend/girlfriend drama,
  • crazy hairstyles,
  • religious intolerance,
  • nerds,
  • athletes, and
  • sex perversion of every kind.

If we could isolate the school from every outside influence (which you cannot) and focus on only this premise: that despite the newly bestowed freedoms, despite being equipped with all the life skills and tools needed to thrive, despite being in an atmosphere devoted to them, young people still fall into destructive lifestyles. Despite every positive notion of a school system, kids fail miserably at life. Why?

Truth and morals are not the basis for modern education, having been replaced with various viewpoints and prejudiced perspectives. This has led to school-age children indulging in morbid sins and damning habits earlier and earlier than ever before.

Our verse says that the roller coaster that is the book of Judges was caused by the absence of authority. They lacked a king who would maintain a right manner of living. There was no final word on any matter. It was anarchy in the raw.

Young men, young women, you need a KING in your life to keep you straight. I’m not talking about a prom king either! I’m also not talking about the U.S. Government in any form. Physical government can only keep you physically safe. I’m talking about spiritual government that will keep you spiritually safe. The king you need to guide your life is the King James Bible.

Do you have a King James Bible? If you have one, do you read it? If you hope to survive your school years with purity and integrity, you need a King.

The King James Bible of 1611

“Where the word of a king is, there is power.” -Ecclesiastes 8:4a

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