Irreversible Decisions

I cannot fathom a religion that glorifies suicide and the killing of others. I remember as a 15 year old flight student sitting in the airport watching the planes collide into the World Trade Center. It changed me, and millions of families forever. We will never know ‘what may have been.’
I have wondered if these individuals pondered the finality of their choices. It’s funny when you drive into the wrong highway and see ‘Next Exit: 54 miles’, but it is tragic to make a decision in anger or rage that you cannot undo. Eternity is a long time to ponder the consequences of your decisions. Many choices in life are irreversible.
Suicide is one of those horrible actions that darken and overshadow all of man’s great accomplishments. Whether done out of oppression, embarrassment, pity, or duty, it is the period that ends every sentence. Every idea, dream, hope, plan, or future is jarred to a stop at this merciless juggernaut. All that God would make that person to be who jerks his life away from a caring Creator, is erased forever, save in the memory of Almighty God who will reveal it all during judgment day. 

But there are decisions of far more consequence than this, and by these even death pales in comparison:

The first one I think about is the choice to witness for Christ. Of all the people thou and I come in contact with, don’t you think God intended for you to reach out to at least one? If you do witness, it could alter their future forever, and if you choose not to, it could change the course of their destiny to a fate of doom without God.
Secondly, the choice to trust Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour is un-do-able. But then again, I have not met a believer who ever regretted his or her decision either! You can’t change it, but then, why would you want to?
Thirdly, the choice to reject the gospel witness of Jesus Christ can prove to be the most ugly, and the most final. You may not have tomorrow to make things right with God. And no decision, is a decision of no!
Death closes the door of choice, and locks it. There is no ‘kiss-and-make-it-better’ for the sins you commit, you need real help for the irreversible decisions you’ve made. Only God, the Lord Jesus Christ, could go back in time to one man’s bad choice, and justify it. And only God could go forward in time to now, when the world needs the Saviour so badly, and offer His life to atone for you and me!

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