What’s So Bad About Rules?

“And God spake all these words, saying,” Exodus 20:1

What’s so bad about rules? Games have rules, that is what makes them fun. Relationships have rules, that is what makes them work. Driving has rules, they are what make it safe. Courts have rules, they are what makes them just. Nature has laws, that is how we can understand and utilize it. Therefore life must have rules, or else it becomes a dangerous and dysfunctional chaos.

Why is it when rules about morality in life are brought up, people invoke their independence of ‘religion’? Does morality only exist in the realm of religious beliefs? If you answer no, then why defame and remove good laws? And if yes, then you face an ominous forecast for a people obsessed with eliminating God from their lives.This connection between God and good will be the undoing of the nation, the state, and the individual.

The supreme court of the state of Oklahoma decided that the display of law was illegal (go figure), and 10:30pm on October 5th, the secretive removal was carried out. “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.” (John 3:20) This, however, is merely a symptom of the societal insanity infecting the world.


It is not the prohibition of killing, stealing, lying, disobedience, coveting, cursing, or fornication that pushed the state to remove laws from their premises. Ordinary, naturally-affectioned people have no problem with these. Every one of those people enjoy the security they have when these are not violated. People appreciate good laws. There is no better statement of law that is more concise, more protecting, or more comprehensive, than the ten found in the Bible. So, what is the main issue?

I don’t believe you are brave enough for the real answer. No, I don’t believe that rational people would remove ten moral commandments from public display because they enjoy life with no laws. No, I believe the problem with Exodus is NOT contained in verses 3 thru 17 of the infamous chapter, but rather in the assertion in the first two:

“I am the Lord thy God,” (Exodus 20:2)
God’s words and God’s authority are unbearable to a guilt-ridden sinner. Have you ever met someone who absolutely WOULD NOT agree with somebody they didn’t like, even if they shared a common view? Our sinful legislators, judges, representatives, and elected officials are just that way. They will constantly invoke the ‘golden rule’ and make statements on money, health, and philosophy completely plagiarized from the Bible, but if you DARE to insinuate that God is connected in any way with goodness, you cross a line into ‘fanaticism,’ ‘bigotry,’ ‘prejudice,’ and ‘judgmentalism.’ The irony of this viscous tirade is: those are God’s words, not mine.
The decision has been made. The ranting and raving is far from over, though. And beware, that the farther you push God away the farther you find yourself from an orderly, decent, lawful society. God’s written authority, the Bible, may be ignored, but its consequences and judgments cannot be overruled, no matter what any ‘supreme court’ says.

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