What Were You Looking For On Easter?

Easter, like all other major holidays can be summed up in one word. Christmas is giving. Independence Day is American. Thanksgiving is thanks. Easter, summed up in one word, is searching.

Pagans would search for romance in ancient times, motivated by lust. Children today search for colorful plastic eggs stuffed with candy and other surprises. Religions see today as their ‘black friday’ and go ‘all out’ to find a new visitor. Some have already planned to attend church today out of tradition… but what are they searching for?

“And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead?” Luke 24:5

Whether you are still searching this today, or whether you will be simply doing what you always do when it comes to religion, let these flags point you to  Real Treasure:

1. Size 

A Christian (that is, born-again, saved by grace, child of God) worships the once dead and forever living Lord Jesus Christ. He is wonderful, and time learning of Him is worth every second spent. I often question the enthusiasm of the church that has only one service for worship. Why, it would be easy to plan over church, when it takes up only 30 minutes of your week! 
I propose that what you’re looking for will be found in a place that has alot of services. Not only that, but what you’re needing will be in the church that starts early, and lets out a little later than all the rest. Your search begins with the church you must plan for, not plan around.

2. Substance

In your search, beware the religion that demands devotion without declaring doctrine. If you discover the attitude toward Bible teaching that says, “well, you can’t understand everything, so why learn anything,” then let me tell you, you will have a weak foundation, a weak experience, and a weak faith to go along with your wandering search.
Look for a Sunday School. No, its not just for kids! Adult Bible classes will provide you with a basis for belief- on your level! They’re earlier than the regular service so your mind is fresh and uncluttered, prime for learning the most important and vital lessons. A Bible-teaching program is a sign that you are on the right track.
3. A Solution
Read the last chapter of any book, whether its a thesis or a novel, and you meet the hero. Sometimes the solution to the book’s problems is a change of thinking, or a way of life. Sometimes it is discovering hidden truth, or putting together a puzzle. Modern history has a bad habit of creating an anti-climax, where the answer to the question is another enigmatic question, and you never really know…
The same can be said of a house of worship. In the final 5 minutes of the services you will be introduced to the God of that place. No matter what was said, or sung throughout the ordeal, regardless of what the brochures advertise, in spite of the pitch given to cause you to visit- when the final question is asked: What will the answer be?

If the solution for your problems is a thing and not a person, then you have no real hope. Men will try sexual experiences, mess around with drugs and abuse other substances, or hide themselves in solitude to ‘get away from it all’. THINGS will leave you alone, unsatisfied, and suicidal, because there is no exit strategy! You CAN’T drink that forever; you CAN’T do that forever; you CAN NOT survive alone forever! 
“The workmen made IT; therefore IT is not God;” Hosea 8:6

A proposal to resolve your struggles with some other thing is a ludicrous one. Things (programs, lifestyles, opinions, etc.) cause the difficulty in your life. One difficulty plus another difficulty equals: you guessed it, a heart and mind cluttered with stuff that somebody said would help you, and now you are lost “among the stuff.” (1 Samuel 10:22)

Salvation is in a PERSON, not things. Your search ends at Lord Jesus Christ. He is the answer to life’s questions, He is the healing for life’s hurt, He is the satisfaction for the soul’s starvation, and He is the life for your death. He is light, He is joy, He is peace. The Saviour IS the solution.
I hope you had a good Easter. I pray you will “seek the Lord,” for He has been searching for you
As a child, my brothers and I would look frantically for the plastic eggs hidden all over our farm. Every year, there would be a few eggs that we wouldn’t be able to find. One year, I remember that months after Easter, while doing some yard work, I discovered a well-hidden Easter egg. It was concealed so well, because it had the most valuable prize: money! If I had known how good the treasure was, I would have looked so much harder.
Friend, have you come to the end of your search? Have you caught yourself thinking that, there’s nothing more to life, nothing more to church, nothing left to look forward to? I’d like to tell  you, that when I found Jesus, I found more than I ever asked for, more than I ever dreamed, more than I ever needed, and best of all, I found Jesus is more than ENOUGH.

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