The Parable of the Miracle Drug

Miracle Drug

This is the story of a life-saving pill that everybody needs to take. It is an ugly pill, and hard to swallow sometimes. Though it provided long, abundant life and health, many started to claim that it was ‘hampering their lifestyle’, and taking it, ‘kept them from doing what they wanted to do.’ This pill had saved many, many people, until the day someone decided they didn’t need it anymore.

In order to validate their opinion, they went straight to social media and the press. Society was ready for something ‘new,’ and the news industry was not about to disappoint.

“Life-Saving Pill Becoming Irrelevant” Read the headlines.

“Professors At Top Universities Question Life-Saving Pill” Broadcast the nightly news.

Slander, like a brush fire, caught the wind of change and scorched the reputation of the Life-Saving Medication. Stores began pulling the Pill and shifting other product in its place to fill the void. Parents began to discourage their kids from taking it. So eager to replace the Pill, many started repeating the critics, but few actually looked at the research.

“I used to take the pill,” one mother was recorded as saying, “But I believe everyone’s got to make their own choice, and I don’t want to force it down my children’s throat!”

A few reasonable scientists warned of the dangers of discontinuing the Pill. They were slandered along with the medicine as ‘old-fashioned,’ ‘set in their ways,’ ‘right-wing extremists,’ and several other very derogatory names. Still, these men pressed on, trumpeting the need of the Life-Saving Pill and its prolonged benefits.

Their findings, while not widely read, uncovered some astounding facts about the Pill:

  • Number one, was that many people protesting it had been saved by it. 
  • Number two, human physiology had not evolved past the need for it, and people still suffered where it was not taken presently. 
  • Number three, and perhaps most astounding, was that there was NO substitute provided, or proposed by any of the critics. People needed it now more than ever.

The deficiency of the Life-Saving Pill gradually manifested itself with each passing week. Some recognized the correlation of their problems to the time they began skipping doses. These folks quickly resumed the regularly prescribed amounts- though irreversible damage had already been done internally that would never be reversed. Worse, though, was the reaction of their friends and family when they tried to convince them to ‘get back on the Pill.’

“Hypocrite,” Wrote one teenager on his Myspace.
“Weak-willed,” Commented another on Facebook.
“I am so frustrated at my boyfriend right now,” A young woman texted to her best friend. “One second we’re out having fun, and the next, he’s talking about that stupid pill!”

And so many descended into disease and weakness never mean to be. The symptoms of their mortality multiplied, compounded, and intensified beyond what modern medical practice had ever seen. Gradually, replacement drugs were advertised, but were only able to treat surface conditions. The soul condition of society began to degenerate.

Then they died.

Then their children died, also.

That was many years ago. Today, many are unconscious of their need of the Life-Saving Pill. They grow up immersed in temporary ‘fixes’ and superficial ‘cover-ups’. Many who had great supplies of the once universally recognized Cure now don’t even put it out on the shelf. Rather, in dusty storage units and warehouses, the solitary Solution for the rising epidemic sits, unused.

Occasionally, there rises a case so bad that the symptoms can no longer be mitigated. Doctors politely decline to see patients who have passed the point of no return. These poor men and women then begin the search for the legendary Pill, as their last and only hope. They scour the stores, they pester the librarian, they wear out the search engines on their quest for life. And just in time, they find it!

Can’t you see them now? They hold the dosage as if it were a snake. They’ve been indoctrinated their whole life with the side-effects, the after-taste, the crank doctors that prescribe it. After all that they have endured, if this kills them, then so be it- they have no other option. Then, with eyes closed, head back, they take it. They recoil as it hits their tongue, but as they digest it, it is in their belly sweet as honey. Then the strangest sensation floods their spirit. Those of us who have taken the Life-Saving Pill know what it is- that’s the feeling of HEALING, and it’s wonderful!

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