Revisit My Church

Church does not need redefined, it needs revisited… literally. Walk through the doors, be in your place, worship God.

What is it that identifies you spiritually? Is it your friendliness, your common courtesy to your fellow-man? Perhaps it’s your diligence, or studiousness, or strict adherence to the code of conduct of your sect? Is it your vocality, your ability to speak out what you believe, and the volume with which you do it?

I believe the number one form of ID for anyone’s spiritual life is their church. Is that church a serving church? Then that person will have a servant’s heart. Is it a studious church- that person will be a scholar, a seeker of knowledge. Or is it a traditional church, where the cold draft of routine dullness creeps under the doors? I can assure you, that will be a dry, withered up believer.

It is only fair to judge a person by his company. Can two walk together, unless they be agreed? “Evil communications corrupt good manners”, and “he that walketh with wise men shall be wise”. You will join with what you agree with, and likewise you will separate from what you see as unimportant. You do what you would rather do.

Most people that assemble with a congregation like to describe themselves in the positive- that is, what they WANT to be. Relevant, modern, serious, intense, up-to-date, out-of-date, friendly, militant, uncompromising, or all-inclusive- from every end of the spectrum the descriptions flow. But, for the sake of this argument, take a moment and consider what your church might be GIVING UP for what it is.

For the ‘uncompromising’ group- do you surrender your compassion? For the non-denominational ones- do you discard doctrine? For the contemporary crowd- do you sacrifice sincerity? Woe be to that love for which the Bible must be put to the stake! In your own answers here, I ask, “Is there something vital missing from the way you worship?”

Many consider church a hindrance to their spirituality. They want more ‘freedom to worship’. They have sacrificed loyalty for liberty. By dissing their allegiance to Christ through the organism he loved and gave his life for, they distance themselves from him.

For example, the United States military trains, equips, and commissions soldiers. If I go wandering around with a shotgun and fatigues, claiming to be doing ‘government work’, I am probably going to be arrested. I talk big, I wear the clothes, and want to do something, but until I’ve joined up with the right organization, I’m not a help, I am a threat.

Gospel Light Baptist Church, Enid, OKAsk yourself these questions: Do I plan for church, or do I plan around it? Do I look forward to going, or do I anticipate getting it over with? Can I trust my pastor to tell me the truth, or do I just think he’s entertaining? Is my church working for eternity, or are we only involved in temporal things? Would I be comfortable with my friends joining here? If my children took my religion to the extreme, would it be a blessing, or a curse, to others? Remember, your church is your identity! Why settle for anything less than an identity with Jesus Christ in the fullness of God?

I invite, no, I urge you to join me at Gospel Light Baptist Church of Enid, Oklahoma. I don’t want to miss a service here- and neither should you! I draw closer to God when I’m here, and we unite in fellowship and worship here. I am never lied to here- God’s words are always honored and respected. I love God more after the service than I ever did before. This last Sunday was the BEST Sunday we’ve ever had, and I believe this next Sunday will be even better! And it doesn’t stop on Sunday- we meet Wednesdays for prayer, and Saturdays for ministry.

What a great church to call my home. That’s my church!

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